President Obama Has Done Extremely Well Part 1

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama

I followed the 2008 Democratic Primary like a hawk. It was the first primary that has taught people the world over about the intricacies of America’s primaries and caucuses. Indeed Obama’s presidency has  been a school in itself, where the unknowns of the functioning of America’s government, the executive, legislative and judiciary branches, became topics of discussion in households.

Then Senator Barack Obama, excited America and the  world with his ” Hope” “Yes We Can” and “Change we can Believe In” in 2008. After eight years of wars, deficits and recession under President George Bush, Americans were eager for something positive and refreshing.

I first saw Barack Obama on my tv in 2004 at the Democratic Convention in Boston, Massachusetts for then Democratic Nominee Senator John Kerry, now his Secretary of State. Mr Obama delivered the best keynote speech in America’s history and it was the best Barack Obama speech I have heard. It was poetry being delivered in politics for the first time in modern America.

Four years later, Barack Obama ran the most well oiled  and successful election campaign in the United State’s history. Young people and college students saw a messiah in him and came out in extremely large numbers to vote in 2008. Blacks saw a savior in him and somebody that looked like them and gave him over 90% of their vote. Latinos and women also flocked to his candidacy. Whites surprisingly were impressed and won many states Democrats have not won in a very long time.

President Barack Obama made history on November 4, 2008 by being the first and only African American to win the presidency and was sworn in on January 20, 2009. By all accounts his presidency is a big success. He repeated history with a second term in 2012, winning resoundingly.

At the start of his first term the world was in recession and a little Maynard Keynes economics to spur the economy of the U.S, with tax cuts for middle class and housing incentives jolted back the economy and the world returned to economic normalcy.

The economy was losing over 800,00 jobs monthly for at least a year and unemployment was near 10%. I am happy to report that 14 million new private sector jobs have been created under President Obama and unemployment rate is now 5%. Wow! That’s a good place to stop right there and return with more good news.


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