Labourites are Suffereing From Tribal Ignorance

armedpolicequestionmen007Supporters of the ruling Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) seem to be suffering from Tribal Ignorance, which prevents them from thinking intellectually because of the constraints of tribal politics, causing them to be ignorant. Anything that was not right in the previous PNP government, is now ok with Labourites.

The recent foolishly created position of National Security Advisor by the prime minister is an example of tribal ignorance and it filters down to his supporters. Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Chief of Staff Major General Anthony Anderson is now the National Security Advisor to who? The government or the prime minister? In the United States the NSA is advisor to the president, and not the government. If u are going to copy something, then copy it good.

As head of the JDF, has Major Anthony Anderson had any positive impact on dealing with our crime problem? Clearly we can all agree he did not, and now he is going to be the point man on national security matters. This is madness gone crazy. Is the prime minister ok?

We already have a Commissioner of Police and national security minister to advise the government, and so another bureaucrat is a waste of tax payers money. Is it that the government is bankrupt of ideas on national security? Labourites are happy with the creation of the National Security Advisor position, thinking it will solve our crime problem.

The solution to our crime problem requires serious thinking and the right political mindset. We need to reform our justice system, strengthen the office of the DPP, invest in forensics science, refurbish the corrupt mindset of our police force, prosecute white collar crime fully, enact strong anti corruption laws, dismantle garrisons, end political interference in the police force, and fix our economy. We don’t need a national security advisor for solutions, unless of course, we want to waste tax payers money and give the false impression something is being done to solve our crime problem. The national security advisor position is pure politics and nothing more. Rest assured it is a grand waste of time and a demonstration of the tribal ignorance of Labourites.

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