Kim Brown Lawrence Leading By Example

Kim Brown Lawrence

Kim Brown Lawrence

Kim Brown Lawrence, the hard working JLP Councillor Caretaker for the Browns Town Division, is no easy act to follow as she leads by example. Her motto,”together we can,” is her guiding principle which is driving her campaign to capture the seat for the JLP in the upcoming Local government elections.

In December 2014, Mrs Lawrence was doing house to house visits in her division  and donating food with a charity organization known as the One Jam One Love Organization, when she visited the home of Amelda Schleifer, better known to the Browns Town community as ‘Spider.’ The living conditions of Ms Shleifer  were deplorable beyond words. She lives with her five children and father. One of her sons sleeps under the cellar with dogs, while she sleeps in a shack filled with water and terribly inhumane conditions.

Kim Brown Lawrence was so touched by ‘Spider’s’ poor living conditions that she sprang into action and posted it on Facebook. Immediately it caught the attention of many persons who pledged assistance. A new house is now being built for Ms Shleifer and her family through contributions. Caretaker Kim Brown Lawrence is leading the effort and her heart is fully in it. This is true and genuine care from a true leader who is not doing it for politics, but for the love of humanity and God.

Kim Brwon Lawrence helping

Kim Brown Lawrence helping

Browns Town Division is in the constituency of North West St Ann, where the Member of Parliament is Dr Dayton Campbell (PNP),who is just there for convenience sake and taking up space in Parliament. The Browns Town division is represented by the PNP since 1980 and Mrs Lawrence is working very hard to unseat the sitting non performing councillor.

Kim Brown Lawrence is leading by example and that is the kind of politicians we all need. She is full of energy and passion, and just ready to get to work as the next Councillor for the Browns Town division. She believes in serving the people and is committed to making sure the Browns Town division gets the best representation in the St Ann Parish Council.

Mrs Lawrence is new to politics, which is ok. She is a breath of fresh air and my first sight of her and contact with her tells me she is serious about the business of representational politics. The JLP must commit to helping her as  she stands a good chance of winning because she is the right candidate for that division and with help she will win.




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